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  • ConVTI-2017 Covers 18 Countries in 2 Days

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    [US] Giovanna Lester
    [BR] Márcia Nabrzecki

    September 2017 – Miami, FL – The last weekend of August 2017 saw the making of history for the translation and interpreting professions. The first of its kind, ConVTI-2017 was a two-day international conference that had attendees, speakers, and the two organizers tuning in from 18 different countries. With no cost for airfare or accommodation, ConVTI-2017 was a fully digital conference that capitalized on just how far technology has come.

    The two-day conference was put together by Gio Lester of American LSP, based in South Florida, and Márcia Nabrzecki of Pro-Page Traduções, based in Southern Brazil. Both Lester and Nabrzecki are well-known translators and interpreters, and after over 20 years in the industry the two recognized the need for a professional event that accommodated cost limits and family obligations. The solution? ConVTI-2017, the conference that comes to you.

    ConVTI’s goal of complementing the in-person events calendar and fulfilling the needs of busy or otherwise office-bound professionals was attained through the use of disruptive technology.  The conference offered sessions that could be attended synchronously or accessed asynchronously to accommodate time zones. Additionally, the bulk of the sessions were pre-recorded and subtitled in two of the event’s three languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish. Each day ended with live roundtable sessions that attendees could tune into and benefit from live simultaneous interpreting. With the help of two ground-breaking remote simultaneous interpreting platforms, Headvox and KUDO, support from CodeSwitch MediaeCPD WebinarsABRATES, and Almavox, Lester and Nabrzecki successfully pulled off the first international digital conference for T&I professionals.

    The conference featured 12 speakers, 14 sessions, four of them live, with remote simultaneous interpreting so that attendees could listen to the sessions in Brazilian Portuguese, English, or Spanish. Headvox sponsored the live presentation by Barry Slaughter Olsen and the daily roundtables; while KUDO provided the remote-simultaneous interpreting for Ewandro Magalhães’ keynote. The event’s interpreters received training for the platforms, and the start-up Almavox provided pro-bono interpreting for three of the live sessions.

    To the joy of the organizers and benefit of the attendees the conference was also awarded 10 Continuing Education Units by the American Translators Association, and 12.5 instructor-led CIMCE hours by the California Courts. All together the event was a major success even with the learning curves of creating a new type of conference, and technical difficulties that were not unexpected. Attendees readily welcomed the new experience. Through private and public messages on social media they shared their approval, highlighted the quality and relevance of the sessions and content, the convenience of being able of being there without having to travel and access to the sessions after the event.

    Lester and Nabrzecki are pleased with the outcome and are already looking forward to next year as they plan ConVTI-2018 with the feedback from the conference participants.

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