Gio Lester and Marcia Nabrzecki are veteran T&I professionals who love T&I events — not only as attendees but also as presenters and organizers. Making ConVTI-2017 a reality was a  labor of love and determination. Learn more about these two leaders.

Portrait of Gio LesterGiovanna (Gio) Lester, CT, former member of ATA’s PR Committee, President of ATA’s first Florida Chapter (FLATA), co-founder and past president (2 terms) of ATA’s current Florida Chapter (ATIF), Assistant Administrator and Administrator of ATA’s Interpreters Division, organizer of the ATA/American Red Cross Partnership, organizer of Finding the Parallels: Interpreting in Judicial and Medical Settings, a 3-day conference in Orlando, FL, Vice-Chair of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (2009), member of ABRATES and ATA Mentoring Programs, frequent presenter at ATA, ATIF, and other conferences and events, sits on the Miami-Dade College T&I Advisory Council. Gio is also Head of Program Development at International Culture Institute, Bahamas and assisted in the development of the first interpreting course at the University of the Bahamas.

MarciaMarcia Nabrzecki, owner of Pro-Page, Ltda, is a 22-year Brazilian translation veteran specialized in corporate communications, technical documentation, and tourism lives in Curitiba, Brazil. Since 2014 the city is home to lively T&I barcamps every month, in which she takes part as organizer, attendee and speaker. Marcia has also organized a series of monthly presentations on business for T&I at barcamps in 2016, and she is now in charge of workshops and activities inspired by those presentations. In addition, she contributes as a mentor for the mentoring program of Coletivo Identidade, a group that evolved from T&I events in Curitiba and spread to other Brazilian cities.

Together, Márcia and Gio, are the ConVTI-2017 Team.

Please use the contact page to reach them. There is a dedicated email address for speakers on the sidebar of the same page.