Portrait of Kirti Vashee

Kirti Vashee is an independent translation technology and translation process consultant, based in California, who provides services related to best practice use of MT related technology and processes.

He was previously VP of Enterprise Translation sales for Asia Online and also responsible for the worldwide business development and marketing strategy at Language Weaver (SDL). He has long-term sales and marketing experience in the software industry working in both, large global companies (EMC, Legato, Dow Jones, Lotus) and startups.

He is the moderator of the Automated Language Translation group with over 5,000 members on LinkedIn and also a former board member of AMTA (American Machine Translation Association). He is also a consultant on implementing TAUS advocated processes and tools.

Kirti is active on Twitter (@kvashee) and the blogosphere on MT (http://kv-emptypages.blogspot.com/ )  and translation industry strategy related issues. He received his formal education in South Africa, India and the United States. He is also an amateur musician who plays the sitar, bansuri and guitar.

August 26 – 03:15pm (São Paulo time) – T&I Technology Panel