Nicole König‘s roots are US–Bavarian and she is a copywriter as well as a translator, head of the German translators’ association DVÜD and a volunteer editor for Translators without Borders. Though she started her first business back in 2002, Nicole is still in love with learning and she regards the opportunity for regular CPD as one of the significant advantages in our line of work. She holds certificates in social entrepreneurship and microeconomics (Copenhagen Business School) as well as a TESOL from the University of California. She’s a certified TELC examiner for English and teach English, international business etiquette and entrepreneurship 101 in adult education. Despite all that, Nicole still is (and proudly claims that she always will be) a student herself, currently enrolled in a program for a M.Sc. in Technical Communication and Localization at the University of Strasbourg. Her favorite clients are social/eco-entrepreneurs and companies that claim new horizons of the sustainable kind. She travels between Germany and the Canary Islands and the one thing she enjoys more than her job is watching old sitcoms on a snowy New Year’s Day.

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