Put your vision on display for thousands of viewers to see. Let the professionals and stakeholders take notice of your foresight.

Our professionals are some of the most forward-thinking people out there. We are always looking for tools to streamline our work, increase our output, manage quality and terminology on the fly, a change of scenario afforded by a co-working space, or a change of flavor for the morning meal or afternoon snack.

ConVTI-2017 is an online event with attendees all over the world, in different time zones and with diverse needs. It is the perfect platform to offer group buys, special discounts or simply give your product or company more exposure. The business model includes an online store where your sponsorship branding will be visible long after the event is over.

Our packages start at $500 for a Brazilian Business special. Regular packages range from $1000 to $3000, and we also offer one Roundtable Sponsor slot.

Is your company a good fit? This is a chance for your company to become top-of-mind to many translation and interpreting professionals around the world – before, during and after ConVTI-2017.

Sponsorship can be partly or wholly in-kind. Please, click here to view our Sponsorship Packages (PDF format) or send us an email and let’s discuss your goals.